Montgomery, Alabama

This month, we officially spent our longest stretch apart since we got married. 25 days, but who was counting? (Me. And Ralph. And Scott.)

Scott is (still) attending training at Maxwell Air Force Base for Squadron Officer School until the end of February. At first, in his absence it was nice to be able to focus on some personal projects like my blog and an extensive Goodreads to-read list, plus I had a long-anticipated trip to Nashville with my girlfriends on the books. But then a terrible cold struck and long days spent laying around watching Suits made me miss my constant companion all the more. Ralph is great at keeping me company, but he’s just not nearly as chatty as Scott.

Finally, it was time to board a plane bound for Alabama and see my sweetheart. While he went to class, I wandered around downtown Montgomery, touring Civil Rights museums and snapping photos of countless landmarks.

The city is an interesting blend of old brick architecture and new restaurants, with Confederate history displayed alongside Civil Rights memorials. For every occupied building it seemed there were two vacant ones, but the streets were clean and wide, and occasionally (while dropping quarters into a parking meter) you’d half-expect to bump into Martin Luther King, Jr. on the sidewalk.

Scroll on down for links to some of the places I’d definitely recommend visiting.

A must-see in downtown Montgomery, The Legacy Museum captivated me for almost two hours. From the slave trade to present-day incarceration, each element will weigh heavy on your heart but inspire you to never turn a blind eye to racial prejudice.
A recent downtown revival, The Alley houses several great restaurants including Central and SaZa Italian. The Aviator Bar is a must for corn hole and adult beverage enthusiasts.
The Rosa Parks Museum offers a short but informative tour for those of us who may or may not have forgotten the important details of the bus boycotts.
Prevail Coffee, a modern space with that great mural, served up two of the best lattes we’ve had in a very long time. Try one with macadamia nut milk–it was divine.
For our final meal before I left, we had delicious Southern biscuits, eggs, and coffee at Cahawba House. We’ll definitely try to go back when I visit again at the end of the month.

In just two short weeks, I’ll fly to Montgomery again for Scott’s graduation and then we’ll make the long drive back to Del Rio. A one-night stop in New Orleans is on the books, though, and this Southern girl is ready for more old buildings and fabulous down-home cookin’.

In the meantime, I’ll be working, reading, writing and convincing Ralph that he’s not stuck with just his mama forever. Our favorite person in the world will be home before we know it.

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